Dr. Suárez's research interests include queer and trans studies in education, STEM persistence, demography of sexuality and gender, and quantitative research methods.  I center the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, and intersex individuals in K-12 educational contexts through a primarily quantitative lens.


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Suarez et al (2020) - Cis-normativity at work.pdf
Suárez et al (2020) - Cisnormativity at work
UCLA Williams Institute Report on LGBTQ Youth of Color
Suarez et al (2019) - Envisioning queer curricula A systematic review of LGBTIQ topics in teacher practitioner literature.pdf
Suárez et al (2019) - Envisioning Queer Curricula
Suarez et al (2021) - Exploring factors that predict STEM persistence.pdf
Suárez et al (2021) - STEM Persistence
Suarez & Wright (2019) - Investigating school climate and school leadership factors that impact secondary STEM teacher retention.pdf
Suárez & Wright (2019) - STEM Teacher Retention