F=Fall, Sp=Spring, Su=Summer

Utah State University (2019-present)


EDUC 6570 Introduction to Educational and Psychological Research (web broadcast); F2020;

Provides introduction to research methods, including identification of research problem, review and evaluation of research literature, and design and implementation of research project.


SCED 3210 Educational and Multicultural Foundations (face-to-face); F2019, Sp2020, Sp2021;

Students examine political, economic, and educational policies influencing students' access to equitable educational experiences. The course explores historical and philosophical foundations influencing multicultural education in our society, the influence of personal biases on instructional practices, and development of multicultural curriculum.

SOCI 3650 Sociology of Education (online); F2019

Students develop an understanding of sociological issues in education. Though curriculum plays a role in student achievement, other factors affect this outcome. Students examine issues of gender, race, class, and sexual orientation related to educational outcomes.

Texas A&M University (2017-2018)


TEFB 412 Mathematics Methods in Education (face-to-face); F2018

EDCI 353 Early Childhood Through Adolescent Development (face-to-face); Sp2017